Monday, October 15, 2007

NYS BOE End Run Scam

Paper Ballot Warriors,

The New York State Board of Elections, in cooperation with the local BOEs, has devised a plan which will allow the local BOEs to order DRE electronic voting machines before the certification testing of these machines is complete.

As you read this the NYS BOE is developing new rules which will allow the voting machine manufacturers to submit their DRE machines for "authorization" as ballot marking devices intended to serve disabled voters. The plan calls for a limited qualification test to be accomplished quickly. Local BOEs then can order the "authorized" ballot marking devices ASAP.

All this is being done ostensibly to satisfy the Federal District Court demand for NY State to have accessible voting equipment in every polling place next year. The court wants to see a plan now which will be implemented by 9/08.

The local Election Commissioners do not want to spend any HAVA money on paper ballot system ballot marking devices (such as the AutoMark device which is used with a paper ballot system) and if they are allowed to purchase a DRE-Balloot Marking Device for each polling place rural counties will effectively be fully equipped with the DREs. This scheme has been devised to make the court, the vendors, and the election commissioners happy. The only persons not considered are citizens who care about the integrity of their vote.

The BOE might act on this as soon as tomorrow 16 October at their noon meeting, 40 Steuben St., Albany.

We can not let this happen. We must act.

The text of the plan is here:,1,35_26319:35_26335&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

and click on: Draft Requirements - Ballot Marking Devices

Please call or write the NYS BOE with comments.

Call: 518-474-1953, or email:

Tell the BOE they can not violate their own rules requiring certification testing. Tell them you see the scam they're attempting.

Tell them you you do not trust electronic voting machines, or the people who sell them, or the New York State Board of Elections -- now.

Tell them you will not vote on an electronic voting machine.


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